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Tanner is back and full of rage in the new Driver Renegade for the Nintendo 3DS. Driver Renegade takes place between the stories of Driver 1 and Driver 2. After years of undercover work for the NYPD, John Tanner leaves his badge and takes protection under Senator Ballard to take care of crime in his own way. As a renegade, Tanner cleans up the New York streets and punishes those that oppose him. Driver Renegade brings non- stop 3D car chases to the Nintendo 3DS system. First action driving game on 3DS - Discover the open world and the landmarks of New York, the city of all crimes. Enhanced Graphics - Vivid racing visual effects, menus, cinematic, and more - in stereoscopic 3D. Interactive Controls - Players can utilize the new accelerometer on the Nintendo 3DS system to control Tanner's car and dodge, jump, and attack opponents. Unleash the Rage - Players will drive fast, take risks, and stop crime to fill the Rage bar. Exciting chapter of the Driver story - Discover the 20 story-based missions, all delivered with a unique, cutting-edge 3D style.

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Release Date Sep 6, 2011
Pre-book Date Aug 15, 2011
ESRB Rating M
Platform Nintendo 3DS
IEI Rating AA
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Manufacturer Ubisoft
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Genre Sports
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