J-Stars Victory VS+
J-Stars Victory VS+

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J-stars victory vs is a dream come true for manga fans all ove r the world. the game includes a lot of characters taken from classic and modern shonen jump series such as hokuto no ken, dragon ball, naruto, bleach, toriko, hunter x hunter, rurou ni kenshin and many others.


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Celebrating the 45th anniversary of the "Shonen JUMP" magazine and the 20th anniversary of the "V JUMP" magazine in Japan, a never before seen fighting game has been developed! J-STARS Victory Vs+ invites fans and gamers to play with their favorite manga/anime characters and progress in the JUMP World through different environments recalling NARUTO, DRAGON BALL Z(R), ONE PIECE and other memorable moments. For every Manga and Anime fan, J-STARS Victory Vs+ is jam packed with long hours of intense and amazing battles and a must-have addition to their videogame collection! 1st Time outside Japan - A unique game combining licenses in the famous JUMP magazines is releasing for the first time outside of Japan! Incredible Roster - A huge choice of characters coming from the most famous mangas/animes issued in the JUMP Magazine. JUMP World - The world where the adventure takes place offers 4 different scenarios in which players can travel in memorable places like "Planet Namek", "Alabasta" and "Hidden Leaf Village". Epic Battles - With the 2 vs. 2 team battle system, fights are going to be tough, strategic and exciting. Each character possesses his own specifications and attacks coming from the manga/anime. The game also adds special moves called "Combination Attack" and "V-Voltage System" - making battles even more aggressive. Arcade Mode - An Arcade Mode has been added to the game in the same vein as other fighting games. Stunning Graphics - A PlayStation(R)4 version of the game is releasing for the first time, offering the best possible experiences and plunging players into the Manga/Anime world.

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Release Date Jun 30, 2015
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